Which style is right for you?

This style takes the quintessential beachy character of California and mixes it with the eclectic flair of the West Coast. California Eclectic uses a neutral backdrop and adds pops of color such as blues, greens, and deep reds for more visual interest. This design touches on a few different styles with hints of bohemian, mid- century, and contemporary pieces.  By mixing funky art, plants, woods, leathers, and statement rugs; you get a fun yet homey vibe any Cali native would fawn over!

This style is the true essence of clean and comfortable. Organic Modernism is just that! It uses organic materials such as woods, jute, linen, cotton, and fur in combination with modest lines and simple art + accessories. This designs features a completely neutral pallet with touches of greenery for a truly calming and breathable space. Grab a glass of iced coffee and relish in the serenity this space will bring you. 

This style plays with the much loved Mid-Century Modern design by using iconic furniture pieces from this era. Mid-Century Chic creates a timeless design with influences from the past. It mixes modern elements with old-school silhouettes. By using warm walnut woods, black and brass accents, pops of vibrant colors, and abstract artwork you get a super cool and chic space everyone will enjoy!

This style uses natural elements like concrete, wood, leather, and metal to create an industrial and masculine setting. Industrial Modern keeps things dark and handsome with deep neutrals and very subtle pops of an accent color. By pairing industrial elements like concrete and metal with clean modern lines in your furniture you construct depth and the perfect amount of juxtaposition in your space. This style is definitely gentleman approved! 


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