Designing Kid's Rooms at all Ages

Designing children's rooms can be a challenge. Do you pick a theme? Do you design for the age they are at now or project what they will want in the next few years? How much do you invest in good furniture? We've designed many children's rooms in our day and have some great tips to get you headed in the right direction! Here are two different houses from the same client which show how their children's rooms have transitioned once they moved from one house to the other.

When it comes to furniture, we suggest that you invest in some nice solid pieces that are well designed and timeless. This boy's room was at our client's first home. We designed in these bunk beds to accommodate sleepovers and visits from extended family. Choosing white bunk beds was a safer bet to last through the years since wood stains can trend out. We chose grey and white large striped bedding to provide a contemporary feel. The stripes act as a neutral, allowing us to change out the pillows as the boy's interests evolve. We also felt it was necessary to add a vinyl wallcovering on the bunk bed wall to not only provide visual interest but to help protect the walls. Children can be rowdy and a bit careless so having a vinyl wallcovering on your walls will help prevent unwanted marks and scratches.

Here is the same boy's bedroom in the new home, about a year after the previous room was designed. The bunk beds and bedding transitioned seamlessly to the new house. The built-in seating and shelving were originally a dated-looking wood stain. We decided to paint it in a classic blue color that will last him well into his teens. We upgraded the dresser to a wider white dresser that is more contemporary in style. This piece will last for years to come because it's functional and has clean lines which will continue to work as her son grows. Accessories are where the child's personality can come through. Framed artwork of robots, cartoons, favorite jersey numbers, etc. are a great way to give the child a sense of ownership in his or her room and also keep things looking tidy and polished.

We designed our client's daughter's room with an adorable peacock headboard and large letters of her name. The room was on the smaller side so we kept things as simple as possible and also were trying to incorporate some pieces of furniture that the owner already had. Her daughter loved having her name spelled out on her bedroom wall so we knew we needed to bring that over to the new home.

At the new house, we decided to upgrade the bed and dresser. In this particular case, we felt the scale of furniture from the previous home would not transition well to the new home since the new room was much larger. We designed in a new bed and dresser and added a cute new pendant light. The letters from the previous house worked well in the new room so we kept those. The little girl loves pink so we added a fun abstract art piece in pink with a splash of gold above the bed. The brass bed is girly and playful which fits the girl's personality perfectly. She will be able to change out art and accessories as her tastes change. We purchased the bedding from Target because it's affordable and if accidental marker stains and spills show up over time, the client won't have to break the bank replacing it. The pink pendant lighting is a great piece that works well for a young girl but with a few tweaks to the room, would be perfect for a teenager.

If you have the space for a wider dresser, we highly recommend using one (instead of the taller narrower style) because it provides more storage for clothes and is at a height that is more child-friendly. The extra width also allows for a lamp for extra lighting and a place to personalize the room with picture frames, favorite books and other small accessories that children love.

When purchasing new items for your child's room, keep in mind that foundational pieces like furniture and lighting are where you want to spend the bulk of your budget. The art, bedding and accessories are where you should purchase more themed items or character related pieces (ie: Minnie Mouse pillows) because those items can easily be swapped out as your child grows and they are way less expensive to change than a large dresser.

If you are still looking for guidance on how to design your child's room, let us know and we can set up a consultation with you and one of our talented designers!



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